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Title:Design crockery and French wine glasses for gourmet dining - Chef & Sommelier
Category:Business & Economy: Retail Equipment
Description:Chef & Sommelier has developped a range of designer plates, stemware, and flatware for restaurants which combines innovative design with aesthetic beauty. Professional chefs will welcome restaurant plates designed with culinary creation in mind. Sommeliers will draw out a wine's best with the unique wine glass shapes. Restaurateurs will appreciate the beauty of a well-dressed table in an elegant dining room. The different objects are worked in traditional materials such as stainless steel 18/10 and 13/0 cutlery, mouth-blown glass and porcelain or new, technologically cutting-edge materials such as Kwarx, Arc International's pure, clear, bright and resistant glass which replaces crystal or Zenix with the beauty of porcelain but three times as resistant. If excellence is in the details, then Chef&Sommelier is the undisputed leader: Drop Control process on decanters to reduce spillage on tablecloths, invisible silicon joints to keep ramekins steady, ergonomically designed dinner plates,...
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Meta Description:For wine professionals, oenologists and wine lovers, Chef & Sommelier has developed a range of wine tasting glasses that reveal a wine's aroma and develop its flavor.
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