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Title:Journal lumineux - panneau lumineux à led : Urban Concept
Category:Business & Economy: Industrial Equipment
Description:With an experience of almost 30 years Urban Concept has become one of the key manufacturers of LED-based displays on the European and international market. Our company designs and manufactures a full range of electronic display bright full screen full color big screen systems (for sports panels, variable message signs, multi-line display, electronic journals of different sizes, color, and bright LED signs etc.). Our displays are intended for industry and commerce to make more dynamic your visual identity. Regarding the installation, maintenance and repair, our team of professionals in charge.
Meta Keywords:afficheur à led, panneau lumineux, panneau led, affichage à led , afficheur lumineux,
Meta Description:For nearly 30 years, Urban Concept has devoted his expertise to bring customers a complete range of electronic display systems bright LED-based such as multi-line display, electronic journals of different sizes
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