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Title:Criteria For slow cookers - Updated
Category:Recreation & Sports: Sports: Boxing
Description:Not only does this cookbook feature several great main dishes that can be completed in the slow cooker, it also features recipes for desserts, breakfast foods, and side dishes. The oval ones are your best choice if you want to cook poultry, roasts and joints most of the time. The Crock-Pot Duo does make a great way to cook for pot-luck dinners, parties and other get togethers' as well as every day cooking as well as those special treats.
Meta Keywords:slow cooker lamb stew recipes, banquet crock pot meals, thanksgiving salad recipes
Meta Description:Now this might seem like it is a little bit ridiculous, but when you figure if I had cooked it during the day without using a slow cooker for the night time I would have been standing over the stove all day long with little to no break and the meal.
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