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pill counter

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Equipping a pharmacy with pill counters and pharmacy scales can be fairly simple if you know which manufacturers to choose from, and which ones it is better to avoid. TORBAL tablet counters and scales are most certainly the right choice if you wish to make use of numerous functions and without any effort put your mind at ease. One of the best machines appropriate for pharmacy weighing and tablet counting are offered by Fulcrum Inc., a company which has been selling TORBAL scales and counters for over a decade. Fulcrum Inc. offers both, TORBAL precision and analytical scales, which possess a great number of useful features due to which the scales and counters are fast, dependable and precise whenever they are used. All TORBAL devices are built with highest quality parts and pieces, which makes them extremely durable, particularly because each device has its own die-cast metal casing. The comparison of all pill counter models offered by Fulcrum Inc. may consume a bit of time though, mainly because each model possesses numerous diverse functions – just to mention some of the most significant ones: the DRX500sx whithout any doubts offers an outstanding performance as it is the fastest tablet counter of all the TORBAL counters – it is capable of counting 100 capsules in less than 20 seconds while at the same time showing medicaments details and logging the transaction; the DRX-300s and DRX-500s are the most advanced standalone pill counters which, very conveniently, are essentially maintenance free and can be used basically with no beforehand preparations; what is more, the DRX-300s and DRX-500s include a 10,000 drug database capacity, Rx Verification functions, and Onscreen Instructions – all of which facilitate work to a great extent and improve productivity. When it comes to balances, it is the DRX-200 which is TORBAL's most cutting-edge pharmacy compounding balance. Aside from onscreen guidelines, the device includes automatic internal calibration and has five compounding functions thus offering outstanding productivity and, what is more important, excellent accuracy - the scales (DRX-4, DRX-4C2, DRX-200) have a weighing accuracy of 1mg (0.001g). Both, the DRX-4C2 and DRX-200 prove to have excellent price to performance ratios, which is connected with a basic pill counting feature that the devices are equipped with. Fulcrum Inc. also provides pharmacy balances built with the classic Torsion mechanism. The DRX-3 offers sensitivity of 2mg, but what is most important for users is that it is unaffected by dust or dirt, making sure that the adjustment does not need to be constantly repeated. The balance is very durable mainly because it does not wear off easily and is very user-friendly, for it requires almost no maintenance at all.
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