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The Warz Aimbot

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THE WARZ: SURVIVAL HORROR LIKE YOU’VE NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE The international release date is finally here, and now players around the world are scrambling to grab gear, ammunition, and the latest The Warz hack and cheats. Zombie games are hot right now, and gamers have been eating up point-and-click adventures like The Walking Dead and survival horror games like DayZ. The Warz brings another survival horror game to the table, with some unique features that many players find preferable over the gritty and grim reality of DayZ. Of course, players can still kill other players, making the game somewhat daunting for newbies. Before you enter the 400 square kilometer world and have to start beating off hostile players with your flashlight, take some time to look into some The Warz cheats that can make playing the game a lot more fun. Although the game is brand new, sites like TMCheats have been working hard to bring you the world’s first configurable hacks, giving you greater control over your gaming experience. HOW IS THE WARZ DIFFERENT? Developer Hammerpoint Interactive has promised us a different kind of Massive Multiplayer Online experience, and so far they have kept to their word. The world of The Warz is set five years after the outbreak that turned almost everyone on the planet into flesh-eating zombies. Like Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ, players in this game must not only avoid being killed by zombies and other players, they must gather food and survival supplies in this hostile environment. Hiding out and hoping for the best is simply not an option. Players will be competing with each other for the best weapons and equipment, making temporary alliances that can dissolve at any moment. One of the ways in which The Warz attempts to change MMO gaming is with Hammerpoint Interactive’s promise that players will only pay for the game once, and never again. The entire game is available for download, and there is no monthly subscription fee. Supposedly there will also be additional content available for download in the future, and this will be available for free to everyone who has already purchased the game. Hammerpoint is promising additional maps and environments to take advantage of using The Warz cheats and your own wits. Another difference between The Warz and similar games is the ability to run on relatively low-end hardware. Hammerpoint claims that the game will run on integrated video cards and even low-end laptop computers. While this hasn’t exactly been put to the test yet by veteran gamers, it does open up the possibility of a much wider audience and therefore many more players. Given that the game runs in a large and persistent world, this means more competition, more potential enemies, and more people to pwn with your awesome The Warz hacks. Veteran gamers will already have the advantage, however, and those who stay alive the longest will have the greatest supply of weapons and food. The game spawns notes, diaries, and hidden caches of supplies. Those with the greatest firepower stand the greatest chance of controlling with spawns. Essentially, the longer you survive, the easier it will be to survive. WHY USE THE WARZ CHEATS? Perhaps the most compelling reason to use cheat codes and The Warz hacks is the one-hour cooldown for reviving dead characters. Unlike DayZ, in which a dead character is lost forever, players killed in The Warz will not lose their characters permanently. While it is possible to revive a character that has been killed by a zombie, fellow player, or starvation, gamers must wait one hour to resurrect. Hammerpoint has helpfully provided five character slots for each player, but in a world where you can be shot moments after entering the playing field, dying can seriously cut into your game time. Newbie players may find themselves burning through all of their character slots in mere minutes. Die more than once on a character and you will find yourself spawning with no items, no weapons, no supplies, and no hope. The game is still in the alpha release phase, and this hour-long timer may get scrapped if the developers find that it is chasing players away. However, TMCheats has offered a far better option than tossing the game and finding something else to play. With The Warz hacks you can find yourself surviving long enough to locate the best weapons, the best supplies, and the most strategic areas from which to stage your own exploits. WHAT ARE THE WARZ CHEATS? TMCheats has offered the world’s first cheat codes for The Warz, and they are so far unparalleled. If you want to see more about gamemp5.com visit gamemp5.com/working-warz-aimbot-updated-hacks-and-cheats/
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